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Having been a leading retail stores chain’in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Shaker Retail Group ia specialized organization in the retail of home appliances, partnering with reputable vendors to provide consumer-led appliances that provide the end-to-end equipping for homes. 

From refrigerators to air conditioners, food processors, vacuum cleaners, mixers, and many other home appliances and commodities, Shaker Group has proven to be a leading retail store with a distribution network that expands across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with after-sales support teams attending to their customers in an effective manner, giving Shaker Group a trusting household name in the Saudi market.

In order to expand further into the digital universe, Shaker Group has taken the brave initiative to stage their commercial presence to the online world, in an endeavor to offer and sell their products online securely and within a good reach to its customers everywhere.

To achieve this, Cyberbase Digital’s ShopKube Team has provided its expert consultation on the strategy towards achieving ground-breaking initiation to Shaker Group’s online presence, with a full fledged study and research on the appropriate platform that will accommodate their growth strategy, taking into consideration the volume of customers and web traffice, in addition to more importantly the secure encryption of online payments on the portal, and attending to the creation of a responsive and mobile device friendly design that adapts to any handheld device, thus creating a comfortable browsing experience.