Daily Goodness Nutrition Centre

Project Details







Based in Khobar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Daily Goodness is a prominent diet and nutrition specialization center that provides customers with dietary programs, nutrition advisory services, and delivers selected menu food items, in addition to accessories and food items, with a network of more than 1,000 clients in Khobar alone.

Due to the growing reliance on the Internet and the digital world, and taking into consideration commuting challenges and time restrictions, clients are in need to have an easily accessible means to browse through a rich menu set, make their selections, and pay for the subscription online.

Cyberbase Digital has dispatched ShopKube Team of specialists and consultants in order to advise and provide on the best approach to achieve Daily Goodness’s online presence given various payment methods and means (VISA, Mastercard, SADAD, etc.), and given the need to geolocate customers with the minimum effort when entering their information through a set of modules developed to achieve that.

The portal was built using WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, with a membership area that maximizes interaction and follow up between the client and Daily Goodness, armed with a set of nutritional tools such as a Weight Tracker module with progress graphs, messaging, chat, and order management, in addition to a subscription management console for Customers to renew and manage their subscriptions and to choose their food items delivery on different time windows and through a calendar based ordering wizard. This is automated fully through the management console backend of Daily Goodness’s team, providing notifications and order management to the kitchen and the nutritionists as well as the company’s logistics team to manage and administer delivery locations and clientele management.

The portal was designed to adapt to mobile devices and tablets, making the look and feel framework resemble a mobile application with a convenient method to display information and media in a comfortable manner, making it a pleasant browsing experience every time.